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Mortgage Refinance Loans

What is a mortgage refinance?

Refinancing a mortgage involves taking out a new loan, usually with better terms, to pay off an existing loan. This process allows access to your home equity to lower monthly payments, get quick cash or make home improvements.

Refinancing at a lower rate can save you money each month. In some cases, refinancing can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in interest payments over the life of your loan.


How to refinance a mortgage

If you haven’t refinanced before, you may be wondering how you go about it. There are many factors to consider during the refinance process. What type of refinance would work best for you depends on your goals. Do you want to remodel your home or take cash out of your home to pay down other debt? Or do you want to pay off your mortgage sooner and save on interest?

Knowing your numbers is important for refinancing. Look at the current interest rate on your loan and interest rate trends when you want to refinance.

The more you know upfront, the better. Talking to an expert is your best bet when it comes to getting all your questions answered. Our loan officers can identify the best route for your specific scenario.

Refinance resources

Get the refinance process started with the following resources. You can start with our home refinance calculator. This tool will give you a ballpark idea of your new payment, the costs associated with your mortgage and the amount of any closing fees.

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